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Why early childhood education is important

Jumat, 15 Maret 2013

Education researchers have a new phase of life in its sights: the time from the birth to the schooling of children. Also economists increasingly interested in the kids in the play money age. And the policy has tightened. Even the CDU looks no attack in pre-school education, more on the family.

But too few actions follow the knowledge about the importance. It is questionable whether in the year 2013, as it provides for the child support Act, a crèche is ready for every third child. It is far from a coherent support framework for the zero to six.

Which is why early childhood education deserves so much attention? And why is done in this country to little for them?

» All educational processes primary school, of youth, of life, so it writes the educationist Jörg Ramseger of the FU Berlin in a thesis paper for the German children and Youth Foundation, rooted in early childhood education processes.» The less-favoured three-year-is already in the kindergarten in arrears, even with six in elementary school. The problem starts in the first week of life, and grows in the first month, in the first year. Not, because the child is poor, but because his parents do not resort to him. They talk and sing with him, they rhyme and don't laugh with him. They often don't know how to make close to the child, because they have experienced no close even as a child.

From birth, the distance between the children is growing

Disadvantaged children sit or lie instead early in front of the TV. Only: The TV not embraced, not mired in talk and BACKTALK. Children, not spoken with whom, not learn to speak properly. Children, whose Fragen are not answered, stop to ask questions. Is not recited whom, who will learn read much worse.

Little kids are a lot smarter than we did twenty or thirty years ago still possible. The American Baby researcher Alison Gopnik has with her books spirit in diapers, appeared in 1999, and little philosophers (2009), contributed much to shed light on the babyhood skills. Children are researcher, observer, listener, generic and thinkers. Long before they can speak properly, let alone write, or tie the shoes, assets a grammatically correct to distinguish from a grammatically incorrect sentence.

Not to support the children at this stage, it is fatal. «In conversation with this newspaper, the Berlin education researcher Jürgen Baumert noted briefly and succinctly: "a key problem remains the lack of command of the German language.» The linguistic education of the child begins on the first day and has to do with interaction and fun, have babies as entertainers in their environment. So spray them father or mother in the evening bath like wet and laugh break over their baffled civilian faces. Reciprocal interaction rarely learns the disadvantaged child because his opponent is passive and uninterested. Worse, it comes when parents respond to the wet spraying with anger, incomprehension and shock.

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