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United States: first step to avoid closures of public services in March

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

The House of representatives voted Wednesday on federal funding until the end of September, first step towards a possible settlement of the crisis that could cause the partial closure of public services end of March.

The vote coincides with the opening of an enhanced dialogue between president Barack Obama and the Republican opposition, in the explicit aim of breaking the deadlock on the budget and the debt.

Today, the federal State has the right to work until March 27, according to a funding bill passed in September. Without a vote of Congress before this deadline, non-essential public services would be forced to close, with hundreds of thousands of officials placed on leave without pay.

This scenario has already occurred in late 1995 for 21 days in a memorable battle between democratic president Bill Clinton and the Republican House.

The House - Republican majority - voted Wednesday 267 votes against 151 to fund the State until the end of the fiscal year 2013, on 30 September, on the basis of the level of current spending.

Next week the Senate, controlled by Democrats, should vote his own text. The two versions will then have to be "reconciled" until president Barack Obama can enact the law.

Tuesday, the American Executive criticized the text of the room but refrained from formulating a veto threat in the immediate future.

This temporary budget would not cancel the automatic cuts came into effect Friday. Each Government agency will see its new appropriations cut from 5 to 8%.

Several US media highlighted by elsewhere Wednesday that warnings from the White House about the consequences of this automatic rigour were exaggerated in some areas.

For example, spokesperson of the Executive, Jay Carney, warned that cleaning of the Capitol staff could no longer ensure its 'month purposes' due to the abolition of overtime. But, as indicated by the services from the Capitol to the Washington Post, these personal will be affected by how insignificant, some $ per week.

President Obama dine Wednesday night with Republican senators with whom he believes that constructive dialogue is possible. While commending, Lindsey Graham, one of the guests, noted that it was "sad that it makes the titles".

"The fact that a dinner between the President and a handful of Republican senators arouses much interest described well the situation where we are as a country", he said Wednesday to reporters.

Barack Obama will move to the Capitol the week next to lunch with Republican senators, on 14 March, for the first time since 2010. He will also meet the Democrat Group at an unspecified date.

The president was criticized by his opponents to spend more time in travel or in the media to interact with them.

Deficit reduction and the question of automatic cuts, effective Friday, will be on the menu of these meetings, but immigration and firearms should also be addressed.
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